Invoicing software is the best business present

I have changed my traditional way of life when have started usinginvoicing software. Actually I changed just part of my life, which is connected with my job. Invoicing software has such useful functions, which help me manage my work very much. For example, automatic invoice sending lets me forget about customers that receive my invoices regularly. Invoicing program creates invoices and sends them out instead of me.

When I don’t receive some payments in time I am stressed about it, because I don’t like calling my client and remind them about unpaid invoice. My invoicing software deals with it in a very gentle way. Invoicing program sends out reminders by email to my customers. On the one hand, it reminds them to pay. On the other hand, it is polite and unobtrusive way of getting paid. I proved my theory also on practice. The percentage of unpaid invoices decreased from 5% till 1%. To my mind, it is a good result. It turned out, that a lot of my client don’t pay not because they want to cheat me, but simply because forget to make payment. They are very happy that my invoicing software sends them reminders.

Again I’m convinced that there is a lot of good software for business provided. I don’t follow the market and usually find out about programs from my friends. I can say that invoicing software is my greatest discovery. It makes pleasant the work that seemed rut for me. I already decided what present to give to my business partners, who don’t use invoicing software yet. I would be happy if someone would have given me such Christmas present some 5 years ago. Next year I am planning to buy program to do my bookkeeping by myself. Once you try some programs for business it is impossible to stop using them!

29 Oct 2012